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What is Class 10 memory card of Mobile?

What is Class 10?
Class 10 or 10x is the latest version of Memory card for Mobile.
It is known for its speed.
It can transfer data in Mbps.
So data can get transferred in seconds.
Means data transfer is very speedy.

Cost is approximately between ₹250 to ₹350.
Available in large internal memories like 16 GB and 32GB

Comparatively Other versions of Memory card lower than 10x - say for example 6x or class  6 has slow speed of data transfer.
If you copy data from a card into this card then you start data transfer activity at night and sleep down. Probably by morning it would be completed.
In other words data transfer speed is very slow.
Data gets transferred in Kbps instead of Mbps.
Cost can be as low as ₹150.
Storage capacities may be same as 10x card.
Advisable to purchase 10x or Class 10 memory card for Mobile as compared to other lower versions for quick speed and saving time.

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