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What is Google Photos?

Photo Storage
Google Photos is an option for Sites like Flickr
You can store unlimited photographs

But not in Jpeg or other formats but in Google's own format
You can directly sync photographs with Google Photos to save your time.
Photos will directly get synced and then you can delete photographs from mobile storage.

Drawback for Unlimited Storage
Google photos give you only 15GB space to store photographs.
But if you store in High Quality format which is Google's own format then unlimited photos can be store.
However quality of photos is not so good as is in JPEG.

If you autosync mobile photos with Google Photos, the photos gets uploaded automatically
Hence you can delete photos from Mobile and keep phone memory always free.

If you do not want to autosync then also in mobile there is facility to manually upload photos to Google PHOTOS.
After uploading is over of the selected photos,you can delete those photographs from mobile.

This is the greatest advantage of Google Photos.

If you are ready to accept slight low quality photos, i mean what Google terms as High quality photos, then you can upload unlimited photographs on Google Photos. There is no limit. This high quality termed by Google is its own format. Means Googles own format, not jpeg or png or any other.

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