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Do not dial calls starting from +92, +93 and +96, if missed call received

Reference - Pudhari newspaper dt 9apr17

News - Do not dial numbers starting from +92,+93 and +96

Reason - They give us missed call
So - we think some nearone to us has given us a missed call, so we call him back

The trap 1- It is a 10 digited number, so we think it is an Indian number, but in fact it is international number

Trap - 2 - When we call them, a Hindi song    comes , we think it is a Hallo tune and we keep on waiting , so by the time 10-20 seconds have passed, 80-100 rupees are deducted, sometimes all ₹200-300 balance is consumed

Prevention - Do not dial any missed call starting from +92,+93 and +96 even if it is 10 digited number

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