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MAJOR GENERAL Albert Sutbblebine - Stargate project - The man who wanted his battalion commanders to learn to bend spoons!

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Soup Spoon

Photo Source - By Donovan Govan. [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Name - Major General Albert Sutbblebine
Part of - Stargate Project
Convinced about - Pyschic Phenomena
Required - All his battalions to bend spoons like URI GELLER

Wikipedia says from the 2nd Link reference given here 'Stargate Project'

"A key sponsor of the research internally at Fort Meade, MD, Maj. Gen. Stubblebine was convinced of the reality of a wide variety of psychic phenomena. He required that all of his battalion commanders learn how to bend spoons a la Uri Geller, and he himself attempted several psychic feats, even attempting to walk through walls. In the early 1980s he was responsible for the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), during which time the remote viewing project in the US Army began."

This and many other facts proves below things
1) Russia & China are working on Pyschic experiments
2) This was known to USA & they started STARGATE PROJECT
3) Successful spoon benders like URI GELLER coming out of STARGATE PROJECT is quite convincing for anyone to believe what truth this things possessed.
4) People like Albert Sutbblebine & Joseph McMoneagle proves that there is TRUTH in Supernatural, Paranormal, pyschic experiements, spirituality etc.
5) This also proves that Indians who claim that Indian myths are in fact HISTORY & not just imaginary tales are very true. In fact those thinking them as fanatics are misguided.

Why some people told URI GELLER as Fraud?
Just like Doctors of Sterling Hospital were stormed by innumerable personalities to see Prahlad Jani (The man who did not eat food or water since 70  years), they got tired explaining everyone.

Later a person of Rational society came, when this doctors were exhausted explaining all this case. Finally the person named SANAL was not properly welcomed, due to huge public there, he was not attended, so looking to stool in toilet (which may be of visitors), he concluded & announced that Prahlad Jani is a fraud. And the news agencies highlighted this. We the brainwashed victims considered this Truth as we are all brainwashed by modern theories.

However person with common sense knew what the Truth was, as the person is still in captivity of Indian Army. They are experimenting how Army can remain without food & water in warfields, if they get to learn something from Prahlad Jani.

However Prahlad claims that at the age of 14, during Penance, the Goddess appeared & asked him for a boon, to which he begged that he may never feel hungry & thirsty. And the Goddess putted her 2 fingers in his mouth. Since that day, from 14 to 70, he never ate food , nor dranked water.

His neighbours claimed this as truth as they never observed him eating, drinking, neither witnessed any food or water in his house for a decade. Not only this, the Sterling Hospital doctors warned him not to spread blind belief & threatened to lock him in a room for 10days & night, to which he agreed.

After this, the entire medical team of Sterling Hospital was shocked. They observed that urine was gathering in his bladder and vanished and after half hour again urine appeared & vanished. It was confirmed by them that the person is a case out of METABOLISM.

Same way must have happened with URI GELLER. Being a human they cannot satisfy everyone's queries. If this things were not true, why would PRINCE CHARLES make friendship with DYNAMO. Instead he would like to bust them & be popular. But he knows the Truth.

That way this intelligent personalities like URI GELLER, DYNAMO etc. are successful in convincing a lot of people about their truths. However they cannot convince everyone, obviously they must be getting exhausted. The swarm of people is too high for them. However, URI GELLER said in a press conference that extra terrestrials gave him that ability to bend spoons. What sort of person  can do this? Of course,we will not do that unless & until we have the ability to do that. And Dynamo says this everytime on TV, that Magic is true. This convinces that a lot of people in WEST who claims that FAIRY TALES are true or those Indians and Chinese who claims their myths are true are near to truth. And those claiming this people as fanatics are in fact misguided & ignorant.



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