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1 Pound is how much kg?

Kg > Pound

Poids fonte 1 kg 01

Photo Source - Coyau / Wikimedia Commonsvia Wikimedia Commons

1 Pound = 0.453 Kg
1 Pound = 453.59 gms
1 Pound = 16 Ounce

So we can say 1 Kg = 500 gms or Half Kg

In calories
1 Pound of Fat eaten - Gives 3500 calories

So if you are overweighted and need to burn calories then 500-1000 calories can be burnt per day if you target 3500-7000 calories to burn per week

Safe rate of weight loss - 1 Pound or Half Pound per week.

That means not more than 500 calories per day should be burnt.

If a 70kg person walks for 60 minutes
At speed of 4 miles per hour
Then he Burns 330 calories


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