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Quotes (Meditation)

Lotus position

Photo Source - By Bryan Helfrich, Alias52 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Act of Giving food, gold, clothes, money and such material is high (Dravya Yagya)

But higher than that is the Act of Giving Knowledge (Gyan Yagya is superior to Dravya Yagya)

But higher than this is Act of Meditation (Dhyan Yoga)

And Higher than Meditation is the Act of Giving away all Karmic fruits ( Surrendering to the will of God and whatever good or bad circumstances come , look upon them as Mercy of God, not question back - Why? What have I done? Etc. ie be tolerant like Goddess Earth.)

Because by Surrendering to the will of God (Giving away all Karmic fruits/becoming tolerant) one attains Peace at once (This depicts importance of Tolerance and a tolerant person which every Arya - the best amongst humans - is expected to exhibit)

- Lord Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita

Supporting facts and quotes

Give a man a fish and you feed him for one day. Teach him fishing and you feed him for a lifetime. (Gyanyagya is superior to Dravya Yagya)

Maharshi effect in Wikipedia tells about experiment in USA where groups of people did Meditation and the resultant positive energy or vibes released from their pyschic field reduced crime rate. (Dhyan is superior to Gyan. As per few people, the Mantra chanters or Japyogis are more or less same as Dhyan yogis)

A Bookworm may be superior to a Rich Man but a meditationer is Superior to the Bookworm as he can read minds, nature, omen, faces, vibes, future etc partially or fully. And person satisfied by all decisions of Destiny or God ie a tolerant person  is the most superior of all for such a person is established in peace.

Doubts are killers. Those who have doubts cannot have peace. And those not having peace, how can they have Happiness? - Lord Krishna in Gita

It is possible to give without love but it is never possible to love without giving - Swami Chinmayanand

Good thoughts lead to good karmas, good karmas to good habits, good habits to good Destiny, good Destiny to good riches. And when a person is rich, he can give. When he gives, he earns peity and when he earns peity he attains happiness both in this world and other worlds. So thinking good is essential.

One should learn Tolerance from the Goddess Earth.

Tolerance empowers Lord Vishnu with the will and power to interfere. Tolerant person surpasses all his Karmic fruits successfully without getting annihilated and remains in divine protection. Tolerant ones are loved dearly by Lord Vishnu.

Tolerance is a Daivi or Godly virtue. Hence an Arya should shelter Tolerance within him as far as possible.(Surrender to will of God, embrace Titiksha ie not reacting to cold-hot and such opposites, remain equal in both opposites, not try to protect body from cold or hot and surrender fully)


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