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What is an Android application to my understanding and how does it help?

Android is a free platform used by Google. Other platforms are Apple and Blackberry. There may be others but usually apps in Apple platform are paid versions and that in Android are free. However the services in Apple paid platforms might be a bit better but the pace by which Google is expanding in all ways it looks their free versions might soon supercede Apple paid versions.

It is said almost all paid apps available in Apple platform are available in Android PlayStore in free.

Now basic query, a new comer has, is that, what is a App and why do people install it?

Basically apps are great time savers.
The task you can complete in half hour or 4 hours can be completed in few seconds in Apps.

For example paying light bill in office = 4 hours

Paying light bill in Computer = Half hour if internet speed is slow and 5-10 minutes is taken in  starting laptop and shutting it down

Paying light bill in mobile app = few seconds and surely less than a minute. We can pay by MSEB App or ICICI Pockets.

Same is with recharging mobiles or DTH television.

So how does App works so fast?
First thing is that - Mobile , we never have to start or shut down

Second thing is that in ancient times we use to work on PC, yes ancient times :-), a decade back and Microsoft used to warn us, if you delete cookies next time your webpage will be slow.

So in simplified language, App stores all cookies which makes it superfast , like a speed of lightening

For example in PC, when Google search engine was not there, we used to go to Yahoo page, then login, then enter user name, then password. So total 4 or more webpages were to be directed by our browser. But now if you install Gmail app, directly your inbox opens.

So apps are basically Great Time Savers, Great money earners also for bloggers and of course Time is Money. So it is advantageous in all ways.

Now due to apps , mobile is like a ocean in a small glass. The black sheep of the family who likes to sit in one place have achieved the title of nerds and are working wonders. These apps are like the skating shoes taking them further. Now they can do things in a click , may it be paying bills, transferring money, making blog and earning money etc. So now due to apps they are great assets and no more a liability.


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