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4 weapons in hands of Lord Shanidev

Shani dev statue at Naksaal Bhagwati Temple

Photo Source - By Suraj Belbase (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1) Gada (Club)

2) Trishul (Trident)

3) Farsa

4) Kulhadi (Axe)

To annihilate the sinners, Shanidev has this 4 weapons

Lord of - Planet Saturn
Lord of - Saturday
Son of - Lord Sun and Goddess Chhaya (Shadow or clone of Goddess Sangya - the real wife of Lord Sun)

Step mother - Goddess Sangya
Step brother - Lord Yama (God of death)
Step sister - Goddess  Yamuna (later became river on earth)
Step Grandfather - Vishwakarma - the Lord of Construction and father of Goddess Sangya

Wears - black coloured clothes
Skin - is black coloured
Likes - Metal iron and oil.
Guru - Lord Shiva - The Destroyer

Disliked by few heavenly gods - due to impartial attitude towards demons and taking decisions against interest of heavenly gods - just like Lord of Friday (The Demon Guru)

Authorized to - give fruits of karmas (especially sins by punishing cruelly) as long as human is alive. 
Once a human dies, the Lord Saturn loses authority to punish sinful humans as they go in the realms or area of His step brother - Yama (God of death). In afterlife, Lord Saturn cannot punish anyone. The punishing authority is with Lord Yama. Although cruel punishments by Lord Yama are more dreadful, since ages the idea or thought of Lord Shani used to haunt sinful humans more, as he punishes when we are on earth for our karmas. And there is almost no human, who has not done at least one sin.

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