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Who was father of Karna?

In mahabharat did kunti biologically conceive karna if yes then who was father? by Krishna

When Duryodhan out of curiosity asks Bhishma, did Goddess Ganga had relationships with Shantanu, Kaam relation? So Bhishma says - why would a woman keep a child in womb and bear such pain if she is not to get any sexual relationship. There are Bhil stories about Ganga which confirms this. It tells about such things. However Arya books or Purans, some of them try to depict this relationship as non sexual or they try to say that she was some other Ganga, not Goddess Ganga. Yes, Goddesses do have a power to create clones and that Ganga may be a clone, but again what's the difference?

There are events mentioned in Purans where Goddesses and heavenly beings were attracted by humans, especially penance ful humans or warrior humans. There are events mentioned eg Kalidasa the imaginary writer, writes in his stories, that the Princess who was taken by beauty of a penance ful person says - Who took him? Did the Moon God took him because some heavenly being on moon was attracted by him.

So kidnapping of humans by moon being! Who introduced such a concept in mind of Kalidasa?! Even today we hear - UFO came and took away a beautiful wife from a skyscraper building from her bedroom. So this things might be going on. Few claim to know about this things but as usual they are given a different psychological name and depicted as having psychological disorders. The possibility that they are all Ok and know things which we all do not know, cannot be ruled out.

As per news channel a shepherd playing flute went near the mountains with his sheeps where 3 Yoginis were residing. It was an abandoned area by villagers. The villagers report he never came back. They firmly believe that his flute playing was liked by one of the Yoginis so she took him away.

The heavenly beings are told as DURAGRAHI by Lord Brahma. They are not as good as Lord Rama or Lord Shiva. Hence the possibility of them having relationship is quite possible. Gods have a principal. They will remain thirsty for years but if someone gives them water, they will respect that person and drink water and quench their thirst. This is not exact but a sort of Yogic principle which they and advanced Arya humans (yogis) follow. Hence if Kunti through Mantras asked Lord Sun for a child then the possibility they had sexual relationship, may be possible. However Gods do have ability to create anything and are not dependent on sex or any other thing. But the possibility you see is also possible, to my view.

One example is about Demon Bali. When he ruled heavens, Kaliyuga came but then also no person commited sin. No one played gambling. No one stole, no one raped. He forcibly converted the Apsaras (heavenly maids) into Nuns and forced them to sing Gods name. He retired them from polygamous lifestyle where they could had sexual relationship with as many as they wanted. But he was a strict ruler. Fear was dominant in his rule, not free will. So the Trinity, especially Lord Vishnu stumbled his reign and again made Lord Indra the king of heaven. Now again the Apsaras were free to have sexual relationship with many as per their free will. So heavenly culture of Lord Indra's heaven is somewhat different. They respect desire and free will. They may look with bad eye if free will is obstructed!

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