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Mysteries unsolved - Coconut rotations unknown to modern science

Video Link on YouTube

Technology claimed - If you sit on coconut, and there is water beneath land, the coconut rotates sometimes as fast as a fan and the person sitting on it tumbles down.

Logic claimed by believers - Coconut is a divine fruit or a special fruit which can respond to water beneath grounds.

Modern scientists claim - Because a person sits on it, the gravity is directed downwards and the shape of coconut is such that the rotation keeps on happening and does not stop

Logic claimed by believers scraping scientists theory - If so, the coconut should rotate everywhere, why it rotates only in particular areas which are later drilled and most of these areas give underground waters.

This water finding Techniques were also adopted by Queen of England to find waters , however they used a stick. This technology is widespread and not limited only to India hence it is possible that these techniques may be true and we are still to learn.

As digging well or bores is costly, people still rely on this techniques as they don't want to risk their money. As per word of mouth 80 to 98 percent of this findings are true.

A news anchor of a reliable channel had doubted that rotations are manual or artificial and not original. Hence he himself sat on the coconut and agreed that the coconut is indeed rotating

This is that news channel link

Program name - Aadhaa hakikat aadhaa fasanaa


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