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The best ones

Reference - Naarad Puraan - Uttar Bhaag

In months, 
Kaartik is considered as best one, 
because the Preserver Lord Vishnu awakens in this month.

In months,
Kaartik month is best

In Yugas
Satyug is best

In Dharma
Pity is best

In Jyoti (light like oil wick or candle)
Eye is best

In scriptures
Vedas are best

In place of pilgrimage
Ganga is best

In act of givings
Donation of land is best

In happiness
Company of wife is best (wife happiness)

In wealth
Agriculture is best

In gains
Keeping cow is best

In penance
Fasting of food is best

In best and good things
Control of senses is best

In satisfaction
Satisfying tongue is best (by delicious foods)

In Varnas
The Brahmins are best

In friends
Dharma is best

In reputation
Truth is best

In Aishwarya
Health is best

In Gods
Lord Vishnu is best

In Vrats
Kartik Vrat is best

The knowledgeable ones have said this.
Kaartik month is liked by Lord Vishnu very much.

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